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Little OralAnnie Biography Photo Little OralAnnie Biography
Born: 1/13/1960
Aliases: Anita Laiz, Little Andrea, Little Oral Anne, Oral Annie, Little

Birthplace: Santa Monica California
Birthday: January 13th, 1960

Aliases: Andrea Parducci, Annie Owens
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
Weight: 114 lbs
Measurements: 38C 27 37
Shoe size: 5.5 US
Tattoos: None Piercing: Ears

Little Oral Annie was born on the 13th of January 1960. Details as to where she was born are scarce, although it is believed to be Los Angeles, California and she graduated from Pacific Palisades High School, which is located in California, in 1977). Her birth name is Andrea Parducci and she is a member of the Parducci family famous for the production of wine (Adolf B. Parducci and Son, later renamed to Parducci Wine Cellars). Aliases she used through her time of porn stardom included dropping the 'little' from her name to become just Oral Annie, Annie Owens or Andrea Owens.
Measuring in at five foot five, she became well known not only for her amazing skills during oral sex but also for her busty chest. It was at the end of the 1970's that she began to come to the attention of directors and she was scouted as the 'new' Linda Lovelace, mainly due to her reputation for 'deep-throating' (the act of putting the entire erect penis into the mouth while performing oral sex). Much like her contemporary, Seka, she appeared in many of the Swedish Erotica series of films and has been seen as many as part of the huge wave of memorable performers from her time in the industry. Along with the mainstream pornography she is most known for, Annie also appeared in a number of fetish films which included bondage (both dominant and submissive) and BDSM (punishment, including spanking).
The last film released that featured Annie was 'Screen Test 98' although this was most likely re-used footage from her earlier performances. It appears that her last industry performance was in 'Nasty Nights' (released in 1989). She has since left the adult industry and is now married to musician Buddy Owen, has two children with him (both of which are also involved in the music industry, like her husband).
Just as illustrious as her film career is the amount of adult magazines that Little Oral Annie has appeared in throughout her career, these appearances range from mid 1979 all the way to 1998 and include some of the biggest publications in the business. Notable appearances include those in Score, Juggs, High Society and Cheri. Many of these often focused on her renowned skills at fellatio and deep-throating, while others also featured her breasts. In total her magazine appearances add up to over 30, most of which being in Cheri, this is in comparison to her video appearances numbering just over 65.
Although it would be expected (due to her hardcore film career) that most of her magazine appearances would contain intercourse, this is in fact untrue. Many of the covers that she obtained focused solely on her and often contained articles and interviews with her that talked about her more hardcore exploits. Many magazines used her big breasts as a selling point while talking about deep-throating and hardcore sex in the article accompanying the photo shoot in order to keep niche fans happy. A number of the magazines that she modeled for covers with experienced a huge surge in sales when her issue went on sale, this may well have contributed to the large number of appearances she made for many of the same companies.
Information about her is scarce due to her not granting any interviews and avoiding the media since her departure, it can be assumed that she has left the role of continuing on the legacy of classic pornography to some of her more famous cast mates of the time who still both perform and work on both sides of the silver screen.
But to write about Little Oral Annie and only credit her facilities for fellatio would be to miss the fierce energy and sexual excitement she brought to every scene, no matter what she was doing. Whether Little Oral Annie was deep throating the immense manhood of John Holmes or offering her lovely bottom for a hot anal scene, this lady knew how to have fun. Taking an early retirement from adult films in 1986, this sizzling brunette vixen left her fans with over three dozen sex-charged movies to savor for all time.
Like so many women in the adult film biz, LOA blazed on to the scene, making more of an impression than most, and was soon gone. This movie was no doubt intended to be her piece de resistance, but like a lot of these flicks, it isn't as raunchy and spectacular as it wants to be and is too often ordinary. Still, a lot of people really liked her on-screen persona (and according to a Ron Jeremy interview I read, it was her off-screen one as well). And make no mistake; she does show off her most noted talents in abundance.

The highlight for me was a scene Annie did with Anne Cummings, the girlfriend of performer Johnny Nineteen (there's a dumb nom-de-porn for you). Ms. Cummings was not a performer herself, but while hanging around the set one day, got into the spirit of things and took the plunge. This was some years before the "reality porn" trend hit big.

Another favorite of mine from the late seventies, early eighties was Little Oral Annie. Initially, you first caught a glimpse of her in such fare as Sex Boat (1979) and her appearances in the Swedish Erotica loops of the day. But she really opened wide when they gave her a film all her own, Inside Little Oral Annie (1983) ORDER. As you can detect by her name, she was an expert at fellatio, in fact not before or since had anyone sucked cock quite the way this lady did... but judge this for yourself, just watch the opening of Inside Little Oral Annie and tell me... I vote this to be one of the best blowjobs ever committed to celluloid, not only does this gal gobble an enormous, beautifully shaped penis (and, in a brilliant move on the part of the director, never showing the males face, hence allowing the viewer to substitute his own mug), but when the male ejaculates, Annie's cheeks swell up like a chipmunks, then deflate as she swallows his semen in one, big beautiful gulp. I cried for about a week after I saw this film. Gals, bear in mind that Oral Annie never used her hands while delivering a blowjob, her mouth was like a Hoover vacuum, she wrapped her lips around a guys cock and never, ever let go... in all my fantasies, this was the one porn chick I'd have loved to meet in person. A frumpy Italian girl with big tits and street attitude, I loved her, she was simple and extremely suckcessful at what she did. Her real name was Andrea Parducci, and she had tricks that made her asset even more smooth. Because she could swallow a nice ten inch dick up to it's base, and then stick her tongue out and lick the balls, it was rumored that this chick would swallow a gob of Vaseline before she went down. Let me tell you, if it turns out that this is true, it would put this lady in league with Lon Chaney Sr., who was known to do very painful things to further his craft... She would perform as equally a potent blowjob on porn moron Tom Byron in the 1986 production Hard To Swallow ORDER, but disappeared from porn shortly after this. So enamored with this gals oral skills, I once almost killed my girlfriend by pushing on her head too hard during the act... she rose for air and lectured me like a nun in Catholic School would... "you better never, ever push down on my head like that again" she scowled. Yow wee. I guess it was that old case of imitating something you saw in a film, kind of like the way kids would poke out each others eyes after having watched the Three Stooges... if only Annie had an Officer Joe Bolton type to step in before her films started and warn the audience about not trying this at home... - - - The folks at Cinefear

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